Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

20140413_221522Welcome to my Mary recipe directory, here you will find each recipe from the Baking Bible as it gets completed! The numbers down the side aren’t representative of my inability to count, it’s the order in which they were made, so find whatever you are looking for, and enjoy my witterings on.

Classic Cakes

1. Madeira cake 
30. All-in-one Victoria sandwich
54. Chocolate Victoria sandwich
3. Swiss roll
38. Lemon Swiss roll
43. Chocolate Swiss roll 
47. Cappuccino cake 
24. Battenburg cake 
35. Lemon yoghurt cake
4. Carrot cake 

Fruit & Nut Cakes 

51. Crunchy top lemon cake
42. Double orange cake
74. Marmalade traybake 

Spiced cakes

81. Classic sticky gingerbread
90. Apple and cinnamon cake
74. Marmalade cake 

Chocolate cakes

40. Death by chocolate cake
37. Chocolate and walnut brownies
13. Chocolate chip brownies
36. Very best chocolate fudge cake
71. Almond and chocolate chip cake
33. Date and chocolate loaf
31. Marbled chocolate ring cake 

Cupcakes and other small bakes

45. Fairy cakes
46. Iced fairy cakes
8. Butterfly cakes
9. Cupcakes
15. French Madeleines 
27. Chocolate chip American muffins 
18. Blueberry muffins

Celebration cakes

79. Divine chocolate birthday cake
66. Classic rich Christmas cake 
76. Fast mincemeat cake
75. Buche de Noel
80. American chocolate wedding cake
89. Easter simnel cake 

Special cakes

34. Wimbledon cake

Traybakes and flapjacks

72. Basic all-in-one sponge traybake
73. Iced lemon traybake
44. Iced chocolate traybake
86. American spiced carrot traybake 
28. Lemon drizzle traybake
65. Cherry and almond traybake
84. Treacle spice traybake
68. Marmalade traybake
41. Fast flapjacks

Biscuits and cookies

58. Fork biscuits
64. Melting moments
23. Double chocolate cookies
67. Cornish Fairings
10. Yorkshire gingernuts 
70. Oat rounds
69. Muesli cookies 

Fancy biscuits

2. Viennese fingers 
49. Florentines 
32. Anzac biscuits 

Shortbreads and bars 

16. The very best shortbread 
53. Bishop’s fingers 
60. Special shortbread biscuits
5. Millionaire’s shortbread 
63. Bakewell slices 

Baking for children 

39. Chocolate crispies 
11. Chocolate and vanilla pinwheel biscuits
77. Doughnuts 
56. Banana and chocolate chip bars
20. Gingerbread men 

Tarts and pastries

21. Tarte tatin
12. Glazed lemon tart
17. Glazed fruit tartlets 
62. French apple tart 
87. Danish pastries 


26. English muffins
52. Quick granary rolls
48. White cottage loaf
61. Crown loaf

Fruit breads

57. Bara brith
19. Crunchy orange syrup loaves
22. Banana loaf 

Buns and scones

7. Very best scones
83. Special fruit scones
50. Drop scones
88. Hot cross buns
78. Sultana streusel buns 

Hot puddings and pies

29. Classic apple pie
82. Bread and butter pudding 

Soufflés and meringues

6. Strawberry pavlova 
14. Strawberry meringue nests
85. Hot chocolate soufflés 
55. Baked alaska 


25. Easy lemon cheesecake 
91. American chocolate ripple cheesecake 

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