Meal planning Monday – That time again!

Hello everyone, good evening!

I must say, I was dreading making this meal plan as I had an awful weekend…I caught the norovirus or winter sickness bug on Friday and it just went through the house like wildfire. Still feeling a bit worse for wear, but we had all the bits I bought from the supermarket and obviously couldn’t use them. So you can see some similar meals as there is no point wasting it all!

I lost 5lbs in one day, that’s how awful this virus is…so since I just want to get back to feeling normal, I think it is best to not have any fast days this week and just go easy with small meals/light meals and juices etc – I had a pizza express for lunch today and I have felt full from 2.30 – 10.30pm – not like me at all!

Ignore Monday as that hasn’t happened as planned, nevermind! Linked up to Mrs M’s blog for #mealplanningmonday as usual.

Have a good week!Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 09.14.29


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