Did you miss me? Well, let’s get back to business!

Hello everyone out there still reading my little blog, I had abandoned you for far too long; I felt that I had given up on what I loved to do most. But, it is time to pull up my metaphorical socks, and begin 2015 with much more blogging and baking.

IMG_20150111_000941So, what have you been doing all this time? Well, shortly after coming home from our trip to Lanzarote, we had a new puppy join our family. Monty, our beautiful beagle, is now nearly 6 months old and we just love him – despite his naughtiness! We took him to puppy school for 6 weeks which was has done wonders for his socialising, obedience and walking on the lead.

IMG_20150111_003947Apart from the puppy, I have completed a nutritionist course, of which I now have a diploma in; and I am also now a qualified gym instructor. I am now on the look out for job in that sector, so watch this space! It is a hope that I can progress onto the personal trainer course but that’s going to take a bit of saving I believe!


Since completing the Run to the Beat 10k in September, I have been needing something to aim for; there is nothing better than setting a goal and achieving it, but what do you do after? SO! In aid of this, we have signed up to do a 100km walk in June from London to the Chilterns in aid of Macmillan cancer support; that is the length of two marathons, or, London to Brighton…quite a way I think you’d agree. I can’t wait to start training for it and doing the event, it will be a very proud moment if all goes well.


With a new year comes new year’s resolutions, and mine was to sort out a food plan, stick to it, and find an event to train for. I seem to be on track with both which is rare for me; several months ago I tried the 3-day juice detox, in which I lost 7lbs and felt great! However, the only downside of course, is that you have to start eating again at some point…cue those 7lbs! Last week, I gave the 5:2 diet a blast which is something I am looking to continue for several months as it seems to be working. For those of you who aren’t sure about the 5:2, it is otherwise known as intermittent fasting, eating normally for 5 days, and ‘fasting’ for the other 2. You are given an allowance of 500-600 calories for these days, which is a lot harder than you might think. However, with 5lbs lost last week, it is worth sticking to. An invaluable tip – plan your week completely, shop for only those things on the list, and put little notes up where you can see them to keep you motivated. Perfect example – I was reaching for a chocolate orange when I saw something I’d written on my chalkboard, “one pound at a time!” It stopped me in my tracks, and needless to say, I didn’t touch it. If you want an idea of the things I am eating you can have a look on my instagram profile here: www.instagram.com/amyprescott


So Amy, what about the Baking Bible challenge? Sadly, I couldn’t do it in the time frame I set myself which was incredibly disappointing. Alas! I haven’t given up, I’m not quitting but just not focusing on that at the moment; essentially, baking Mary’s wonderful recipes wasn’t helping my waistline, so I will be making things every now and then or for someone else if they request it. I do have a lot of baking recipes to put up, including bits and bobs from over the Christmas time, such as the perfect homemade hamper…

I am going to start posting a lot of the recipes I am using and making at the moment, with a focus on juices/smoothies and meals for the 5:2!

So, I’m back everyone, happy new year, welcome to 2015!

Amy x



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