The Underground Cookery School: #Currysinthekitchen

Hello everyone! It’s the start of a new week and I’ve got something exciting to share with you. Recently I was invited to a food bloggers event organised by Curry’s (the electrical retailer) at the Underground Cookery School in East London. It was my first time ever I’d been to an event like this, so after making it with about 5 minutes left, I was a bit nervous and feeling quite daunted. Let me tell you, driving from Wimbledon to Old Street at 5pm is no easy feat.1922063_755317337821505_1585117173_n

So! When I arrived I was offered champagne (oo fancy) and shown the nibbles and very bright smoothies/juices. After being given my apron and engaging in a bit of chit-chat, we were told that we would be making pear souffles and a chicken curry…very clever since the event was #CURRYSINTHEKITCHEN, nice.10003420_755319021154670_912447509_n

First off was the pear souffle, my last attempt at making a souffle was a bit of nightmare as you can see from here, so I was a bit worried about that. However, our chef demonstrating gave good insight into how to do it. While we didn’t do much making, I felt I had taken away a much better idea of how to achieve the perfect rise, while incredibly light and fluffy inside. You can see the video here. Mind you, I was more than happy to sip away at my ever-topped up glass of champers.578591_755318211154751_1635122993_n

After the souffles were ready for baking, our group moved onto making the curry. Again, most of the prep was done for us, so we just had to cook it. The smells were amazing, the air was filled with the smells of ginger, and garlic with poached chicken and coconut…and I couldn’t wait to just get stuck in!IMG_20140312_194559

We were also shown how to make pina coladas using the Kenwood Kmix blender. I make smoothies daily, and because I have a small kitchen, I use the Breville BlendActive as I can make it in the bottle without all the washing up. I’d always wanted a blender though, for the summer and for cocktails when the temperature rises! I’ve got a wonderful recipe for lemonade and a watermelon cooler that I’ve been dying to try. As one of our chefs showed us, the Kmix crushes ice with no problem whatsoever, with a handy opening at the top to pour in juice, more ice or chopped veg/fruit.

IMG_20140312_203849Finally, we got to tuck into our creations! The curry was delicious, as expected, with the right amount of heat and spice I enjoy. The souffle was light, fluffy and sweet. Couldn’t taste the pear too strongly, so for me, I’d like bolder flavours, but the execution of it was sheer perfection.IMG_20140312_211724

The last shock of the evening, was being announced as the winner of (originally) a Kmix free-standing mixer due to uploading videos to Instagram during the event…completely unexpected. However, as I already have a Kitchenaid, another one just wouldn’t be practical; so the kind people of Currys PC World allowed me to swap it with the Kmix blender – so I was more than ecstatic about it! So far, I’ve made a delicious lemonade with it, and can’t wait to get using it during the summer.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.36.02It blends the ice as if it were butter, with a large glass jug, it will allow me to make drinks, soups, and more for many without having to repeat the process several times. So thank you very much Currys!

Apart from the making, cooking and eating, the event gave the bloggers the chance to meet like-minded people who share a passion for eating delicious food. Here are a selection of great blogs to have a read of:


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