3rd March: Meal planning Monday

For the past week, I’ve been on a bit of health kick, which believe me hasn’t been too easy. I downloaded an app on my iPad which tracks what I eat, drink, how much I exercise and so on; but it has allowed me to accurately track how much I should be having, and what I shouldn’t. So for the past week, I’ve said goodbye to all the naughty things, and will continue to do so for this week!

I have been  scouring the internet for alternative puddings and smoothie recipes which will lower the calorie and fat content. It’s so easy to say, ‘ah that bit of cake won’t hurt’ or ‘sod it, I’ll have a biscuit’, but by monitoring what I’m having, I have had to say no to such things. For a baking blogger, it seems like a stupid idea but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

As usual, I am posting this as part of Mrs M’s #mealplanningmonday




BreakfastApple & cinnamon overnight oats BreakfastStrawberry & banana overnight oats BreakfastPorridge BreakfastBanana, blueberry & chocolate overnight oats
LunchAvocado and ryvita and ½ tin soup

Strawberry & banana smoothie

LunchLeftover frittata and salad LunchEgg white omelette with salad LunchHam salad with bulgar wheat

Blueberry smoothie

DinnerTomato, spinach & red onion frittata DinnerSpiced lamb briyani DinnerBaked lamb meatballs in tomato sauce with gnocchi & veg Dinner‘Look what we found’ Korma with quinoa pack & steamed veg DinnerGordon Ramsay sausage pasta and salad

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