Meal planning Monday: 11th November

Welcome to the new week everyone, and I’m back with my week’s food plan! I’ve mainly taken inspiration from the Hairy Dieter’s cookbook, which as you can see, I use quite a lot. The meals generally come out so well, some better than others, but they’re always tasty, fresh and wholesome. I’ve also been quite economical with what we already have in the fridge/freezer and trying not to spend too much over the course of the week. As I have been doing, this will be submitted for Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday!


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast:Peanut butter, chocolate and banana overnight oats Breakfast: Fruit, yoghurt and granola Breakfast: Strawberry and banana overnight oats Breakfast: Key lime pie overnight oats Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs and toast
Lunch: Lunch out Lunch:Chicken and pesto salad with gnocchi and avocado Lunch:Leftover flan and salad Lunch:Turkey rasher and bacon salad sandwich + fruit Lunch:Soup or leftover chicken with salad
Dinner:Easy crispy chicken and salad (or vegetables) Dinner:Egg, bacon and asparagus flan with salad and couscous Dinner:Sausage, spinach and potato curry Dinner:Spanish style chicken bake Dinner:Hairy Dieter’s cottage pie with vegetables

I must also share my favourite thing at the moment…it’s magical, it’s coming up to Christmas and it features my two favourite films, the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland…

Have a good week!


6 thoughts on “Meal planning Monday: 11th November

  1. Claire Sheehan says:

    aren’t the hairy dieters great?! I think it’s a fab book, the second one isn’t as good though.

    I think I eat two portions of most things from the book as they are SO tasty.

    I’m trying a no spend week this week and I’ve managed day!!

    have a good week!!

    • amyprescott92 says:

      They are honestly great, I seem to be always cooking from that book. I know what you mean, I had a look at their second book and it just doesn’t seem as good. Looking forward to my bacon, asparagus and egg flan for lunch today!
      Good luck in not spending! Have a good week too 🙂 x

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