Foodie Penpals: My 2nd Parcel!

As I posted last month, I joined a scheme called the ‘Foodie Penpals‘, this month I was paired with a lovely lady called Pia, from Germany (thanks to Carol Ann Grady @ Rocksalt). After several emails back and forth, she told me that my parcel had been sent and so waited eagerly for it to arrive. I’m aware the reveal day is the last day in the month however it arrived afterwards due to the postal system, so here is everything which came in my foodie package this month!

Photo 01-05-2013 13 52 01

Photo 01-05-2013 13 55 14

Photo 01-05-2013 13 56 08

Photo 01-05-2013 14 00 28

Photo 01-05-2013 14 01 48

Photo 01-05-2013 14 02 13

Photo 01-05-2013 14 04 49

I truly loved everything that arrived in my parcel this month, and would like to say a special thank you to Pia for all the thought and care she took when deciding what to include. It has to be said, the waffles are my absolutely favourite! Not only that, but the sugar beet syrup came in handy for baking this week too, perfect!


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