Cakes for Cocktails: The Pimms Cake

Hello everyone out there in cyber space!

I thought for this blog post, I would share with you the cake I made for this month’s meet of the CCC in Putney.

Photo 20-04-2013 14 06 12It took me quite a long time to come up with something to make as there’s thousands of cocktail combinations aren’t there; I’m not much of a drinker but I am partial to either a cosmopolitan or a Pimms. After deciding that Pimms (the ultimate summer drink) was to be the one, I then had to do a bit of reading around online to try and find the perfect recipe.

Instead of copying the recipe onto my blog, I thought I’d share with you the things that went wrong and link you to the original place where I found it. However, it is quite a time consuming cake and there are things I would definitely do differently next time.

The Cake

  • For me, the sponge did not rise enough and took two attempts until I was partly satisfied with the result. 
  • The texture of it was quite strange, no bounce or depth of flavour. After using the ginger as specified, I used less than stated (2tsp) and still found it too strong. For me, it was almost like gingerbread but without being gingerbread (sorry if that doesn’t make much sense).
  • 4 eggs per layer?! 8 eggs in total to make one double layer cake. Due to mishaps with the first attempt, I had to run to Sainsbury’s at 9pm just to hunt down some more eggs.
  • If I were to make this again, I’d probably just make it the same way as a victoria sponge, then drizzle pimms over the top when it comes out the oven; allowing it to soak in and absorb that wonderful flavour. 

Photo 20-04-2013 09 55 54

The Jam

  • I have to say, the jam is so good, very yummy and even more satisfying when you make it yourself.
  • It was very easy to make
  • Makes a substantial amount so you can have plenty for your toast!
  • The pimms isn’t overpowering, although I think it could do with a touch more next time. 

Photo 20-04-2013 10 04 28

The Buttercream

  • I was a bit nervous about this particular frosting for the cake, probably as soon as I read ‘cucumber puree’. 
  • If anyone was to make this, there are a few things to take on board: the ingredients listed makes a huge amount so possibly half it if you’re not planning to use it for something else. You know how buttercream goes if you add something too wet or watery – all nasty and unattractive? That was my concern with the cucumber. After testing it first in a small bowl and confirming my suspicions, I came up with the way in which to include it without the nasty consequences. After pureeing your cucumber, drain the water so that you are left with the cucumber greenery. Incorporate this a step at a time, so as not to ruin your icing.

Photo 20-04-2013 14 08 23

  • Add a few shots of Pimms a bit at a time, it’ll bring out the flavour of the cocktail you’re trying to achieve.

The Candied Citrus

  • This was something I did quite enjoy doing as it was relatively easy
  • Try to slice your lemons/oranges as thinly as possible without the actual fruit inside going soggy.
  • The came out just like sweets!

Photo 20-04-2013 14 12 24

Why not try adding some bunting as a cake topper, just to give it that finishing touch. I hope that if you do ever attempt to make this cake, that you use my tips that I’ve given you – a little helping hand.


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