Putney Bake Club: Cakes for Cocktails, ooh la la!

I would like to start off by introducing my followers to something truly amazing. Picture this: you make a cake, take it somewhere, of which you typically don’t know anyone (if it’s your first time), eat cake for 2 hours and meet some wonderful people. You talk about baking mishaps, about yourself, learn about others and possibly pick up a few tips along the way.

This month, I was kindly asked by Stephanie and Sarah, the lovely ladies who run it if I could blog this month’s meet – cakes for cocktails. So here it is!


Our meeting was held at Moomba Kitchen & Bar in Putney, just near the Exchange centre, and the turn out was phenomenal! Here are the beautiful cakes everyone made and brought with them!

Stephanie: Mojito Genoise
Yvette: Pecan mojito cake
Lindel: Champagne Limoncello cake
Sarah: Baileys Brownies
Ellie Steinberg: Gin Gin Mule Cake
Me: Pimms Cake
Sally Down: Put the Lime in the Coconut
Zoe: Chocolate Cake with Baileys frosting
Pamela Hiscock: Pina Colada Cake
James Lawrence: Tequila Sunrise Cake
Ria Lake: Confirmed Decadent Black Velvet
Joanne Wood: Coconut Cake
Alison Fleming: Pink Champagne cake
Marie Farquharson: Cosmopolitan Layer Cake
Siobhan McCormack: Appletini Cake
Emma Dalton: Wicked Green Fairy Cake
All the cakes were absolutely delicious, especially with a yummy cocktail to accompany them (it’s a wonder I wasn’t intoxicated by the end of it!) You can really see how much effort everyone put in with their cakes, and all the hard work paid off because most of them had been devoured by the end.
If you’d like to get involved with the Putney branch of the Clandestine Cake club, you can find out more here!

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