Foodie Penpals: Like a child on Christmas Day

I have always, since I was younger, wanted a penpal. Now that I’m older, I love to bake – especially baking for others. So I was amazed when I found such a thing as a ‘Foodie Penpal’.


Taken from the original idea of The Lean Green Bean and adapted by Rock Salt to include those living in the UK; the Foodie Penpals scheme involves sending a thoughtful, food related gift to whoever you’re assigned to. Gifts can be shop bought or homemade, including a little note to describe the contents of your parcel; if your penpal respondes to you, you can get to know them and cater for whatever food requirements they have! The box I sent was addressed to Lithuania, and contained homemade food, British favourites and things I personally enjoy.

The penpal sending to me, a lovely lady called Saskia living in the Netherlands, sent me a wonderful box – 0f which I was ever so excited to open! The foodie penpals scheme is a brilliant way to interact with people living in numerous countries in Europe, emailing back and forth and finding out about each other.

The box…

Photo 14-03-2013 19 47 03

Ahhh exciting!

Photo 14-03-2013 19 48 16

When the box arrived, it took me quite a while to realise what it could be that the postman was bringing  me…but as I opened the cardboard, and I saw that little card on the top, I knew exactly what it was!


Photo 14-03-2013 19 53 46 Photo 14-03-2013 19 55 08 Photo 14-03-2013 20 00 58 Photo 14-03-2013 20 01 45

From what Saskia had put into my box, I could see that she had spent a lot of time choosing what she wanted to include. My favourite things (despite loving everything!) were definitely:

  1. Fondant chicks
  2. Speculaas
  3. Waffles

I would just like to end this post with the suggestion that you should all give this a go if you’d like to share something with someone in the UK and Europe; if you do, visit Rock Salt’s blog to find out more! I would also like to say thank you to Saskia, for my wonderful parcel.


8 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals: Like a child on Christmas Day

  1. DrinksAndNibbles says:

    Oh my, this looks wonderful! Your pictures have just made me so nostalgic – I grew up in Holland and erwten soup and stroopwafels are my all time favourite things. Hope you enjoy them!

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