Two foodie explorers venture to Bruges, Belgium: Day 1

Day 1:
‘Hallo’ I shall say to you, as I am currently writing this blog post from Brugge/Bruges in Belgium. Myself and Rosie, decided to go exploring due to the Easter break from university, and so far so good!
It is however, SO SO cold, as we rode the Eurostar, all we could see was snow – luckily all that greeted us at Bruges station was an icy wind. Armed with our luggage, we set off for the hotel (a 2 min taxi ride costing 9€, already an indication of the expense to come).


Now, like two old women, as soon as we got into the hotel room we fell asleep, but I’m going to say its acceptable considering I got up at 5.45am, ahem. Following our snooze, we wandered around cold, freezing, icy Bruges looking for somewhere to eat. Remember what I said about the taxi? Every restaurant here is so so so expensive; with the menus outside we were able to decide if we would go in, or try and find somewhere else. In the end we settled for a beautiful restaurant: Poules Moules.


Inside, you’re greeted by a lovely waiter, a warm fire set inside a 17th century building. There are very few tables inside, with the majority of seating upstairs. I had read many things online about ‘tourist traps’ i.e. bread baskets you didn’t ask for, having to pay for mineral water without the option of tap water, and so on. We were told inside that they ‘didn’t do tap water’, hmm.

Since I was on holiday, I went for the local draft beer – Bruges Zot blond, DELICIOUS! Can’t say I’m much of a drinker, but European beer is so much better than at home (sorry!).
For dinner, I had a half chicken with fries and salad; just what I needed after such a long day.



Followed by pudding of mixed sorbet: lemon, plain, mango and raspberry – overall impressions: very nice but should have definitely been more adventurous! Total cost: 40€.

There is something quite magical about this town. Walking around, it depicts something of a model village, or a film set. You will not find litter, rubbish or graffiti here; people are polite with a definitely emphasis of safety. Walking around London or Paris, especially at night, you feel it’s your duty to constantly look over your shoulder and make sure no one’s around acting weird; but here, I can honestly say that it doesn’t seem to exist. At 9pm, no one was around, just a few scattered couples walking along the canals or coming out of restaurants. I’m excited to report back on day two!



7 thoughts on “Two foodie explorers venture to Bruges, Belgium: Day 1

  1. Jos Deroo says:

    About the tap water : that’s not a tourist trap. None of the locals would ever dream of asking for tap water, it’s just not done (except maybe a small glass to flush down medicine). Although tap water is perfectly drinkable, restaurants do not serve it… The same applies in the Netherlands so it’s a cultural thing…

    • amyprescott92 says:

      Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t me calling it a tourist trap, I was just quoting TripAdvisor and what other people had said! I can definitely see it as a cultural thing; at home I’ve always asked for tap water in restaurants and so on. But thank you for telling me, I would never have known otherwise 🙂

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