I wonder if the blogging world can help me

Hello everyone out there who are potentially reading this!

I’m currently working on a volunteer/work placement for a wonderful charity called Solidarity Sports and need a little help with something. You can find out more on the website, or follow on twitter: SolidaritySport.

In June, the charity will be holding an evening at a very nice hotel in London, to celebrate it’s 5th birthday. If you don’t know what Solidarity Sports is, it’s a unique charity based in Kensington of which focus on delivering lessons to children about healthy eating, and getting involved in sports. For some of these children, it’s a chance to enjoy being a child and forget the pressures of home – even though they are only aged between 5-11.

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Solidarity Sports runs after school clubs, half term and summer projects, and trips abroad; to allow children to express their creativity in the kitchen; learning about food and how to have a balanced diet. They play a range of sports and games to get them physically active, running around and making friends – just what every child should be doing!

Statistics from the most recent large-scale survey in the UK shockingly reveal that 25 percent of boys and 33 percent of girls aged between two and 19 years are overweight or obese – and there’s little sign the incidence is slowing. We see this everyday; there’s a cause and effect relationship out there – the economy suffers, Britain enters a recession, we all feel the credit crunch in our pockets. Prices go up, wages go down; the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables go up, but the ready meals and fast food outlets seem cheap in comparison.

We all know every parent wants their child to have the best quality of food out there, but it’s a shame that with the economy as it is, food scandals and the rise of fast-food/takeaway outlets, our children and even adults are getting bigger – there’s simply no denying it.

Solidarity Sports therefore offers a solution; children learn to decide for themselves what is best to eat; they engage with physical activity and burn off those calories. From the ages of 5-11 (primary school) physical education is not as popular as it should be; with one teacher for each class, it can be hard to teach children just what they need, to allow for continued enjoyment of PE during secondary school and ultimately, the rest of their lives. The charity therefore allows pupils to really blow of steam and enjoy being active!

So my question to everyone who is hopefully still reading and not clicked off the page due to boredom – we need donators for the event. The evening hosts a raffle, and prizes are needed! If anyone is able to donate to the event then please email me on: amy@solidaritysports.org

This would be incredible if anyone own a business, works on senior management of a business or a shop. We would advertise your donation and tell the Facebook/Twitter community – not to mention a big thanks from me on here!


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