London 2012…the Games have begun!

As I said before, I’m volunteering as a ‘Games Maker’, one of the 200,000 people ready to meet the spectators, scan their tickets, and be a part of their Olympic experience. Yesterday was my first day; had to be there for 1.30pm, go through security and be ready at the briefing for 2pm.

I had no idea what I would be doing, none of us did, so it’s basically pot luck…where did I end up?

Centre Court, baby! Watching S.Williams (USA), Roger Federer (SUI) and Anna Keothavong (GB).

I must admit, that in the past I have been somewhat dismissive of the whole Wimbledon Tennis thing, probably because of the expensiveness of the tickets, the way the whole borough changes when it’s on, and just the snobbery of the event. When asked if I wanted to buy a ground pass for £18, I said, “absolutely not, I don’t want to pay that to sit on the hill and watch on a screen, I can do that at home!”


My opinion of Wimbledon Tennis itself has changed completely; I now understand the reason why people pay so much money to go in and watch the games. For one thing, general admission allows you to courts with unrestricted seating if available, you’re able to wander around the grounds freely, and soak up the atmosphere. It is ridiculously expensive to buy any sort of drinks, ice creams or food, but luckily for me, that’s not of a concern since we have our own area and a meal voucher. I will now definitely enter for the ballot to get tickets for next year, and see what happens. Perk of the day today was watching from centre court to see Tsonga beat Bellucci.

So far so good, two days down – 6 more to go.


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