Solidarity Sports – Let’s get children cooking!

Hello bloggers!

I just wanted to inform the world (hardly likely the world, but who knows!) about a unique cookbook specifically designed to get children interested in cooking and eating healthy.

Published last year, Kids Cook the World, offers children the opportunity to learn where different types of food comes from, enjoy the thrill of using the kitchen, and learning to eat well! 

One of the most important things about the cookbook is this: the children featured in the book, are the children helped by the charity itself.         

Front cover

Why am I telling you lovely people this?

Well, I’ve started to volunteer for a fantastic charity called Solidarity Sports who aim to provide children living in disadvantaged areas in the inner cities with the chance to enjoy sport and learning about having a balanced lifestyle.

Example of inside the book

The book really is fantastic, and I urge anyone who would like to get their children in the kitchen and learning about food in a realistic manner, to purchase it! Honestly, it’s fantastic, and many schools around London have already been purchasing it for their pupils.

Endorsed by Marco Pierre White, calling it a “Beautiful and inspiring cookbook”, it can be found here:

Twitter: @SolidaritySport & @KidsCookWorld



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